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About ( RETRO 80s & 90's Radio)

About ( RETRO 80s & 90's Radio)
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Our Radio Background and Philosophy.



Our Mission:



MetroCities Broadcast Communications. Devoted since the year 2000 , supplying our listeners through out the United States and the world, with high quality Internet broadcast and print entertainment services.


Our History:

Our free broadcast services provide 24/7, there  mp3 pro digital net music radio stations - (WRTRO) Retro  60’s And  70’s Radio,(WCXRK) Retro 70's Classic Hits Classic  Rock  Radio ,(WKCMR) Music Radio- The Power and Our Flagship Station(WKRTX) Retro 80's & 90's Flashback Muisc Radio. We also provide RSS valid - (WTLKW) M-Cities Podcast News talk radio and print media over the net. All from an entertaining, informative, balanced and educated perspective. Music, News, Business, Entertainment and more. 24/7 Music, timely business info tips, and more to keep you entertained, informed and up to speed for success in this fast paced global world that we live in.


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